About Us

Infinity Gods
We are a brand that promotes Unity, Faith, love, and a positive mindset. Everyday we inspire people through our music and clothing to think without limitations, pursue their dreams and align themselves with their purpose for a more fulfilling life. Our signature design feature  is a reflective print  that emits light which represents the glow people sees on you when you align with your purpose.

"We are not limited by what we see, but instead are infinite in vision and possibilities" 

Our brand was established in 2016 by two friends Randy Dawkins (Randy Richh), entrepreneur and creative director and Jayshawn Bull (SSO Sneezy), musical artist. We aspire to encourage others to follow their purpose with passion and desire to bring God glory in everything they do.

The Infinity G8ds star logo is a compilation of three different symbols of spiritual expression. The six point star popularly known as the Merkaba or star of David represents the beginning of our spiritual evolution, our Genesis from spiritual to physical. The Cross represents the Christ consciousness of spirit in body, God having a human experience. The infinity sign represents a sense of simplicity and balance between your spiritual self and your physical self, It reminds us to be conscious of who we are and the endless possibilities we have before us.